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tower cleaners & rent a dress

Quality Service! Nobody does it better!

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We chose to partner with Tower Cleaners simply because their quality and service are impeccable. With the most advanced environmentally friendly processes in the industry. Tower Cleaners cleans every garment after each wear in their state-of-the-art facility, so all of our garments come out looking like new and ready to wear. Each garment is barcoded for tracking and photographed for quality assurance.

As a certified member of America’s Best Cleaners, Tower Cleaners is recognized as one of the best dry cleaners in North America. Tower Cleaners is Canada’s largest privately-owned retail dry cleaner and has been Calgary owned and operated since 1978. Tower Cleaners has 25 locations and also provides FREE Pickup and Delivery services throughout Calgary and Airdrie.

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Tower Cleaners, its owners and its employees are not only caring for Calgary’s finest wardrobes, “We’re caring for Calgary’s natural resources – because this is our home, and because it’s the right thing to do” – Tower Cleaners has demonstrated this promise with significant investments in the technologies and processes that enable them to to provide you with best-in-class, responsible garment care.

  1. After each wear, all our garments go to the Tower Cleaners facility for a professional inspection and cleaning
  2. All garments are tagged with a permanent identification number for garment tracking and history of use
  3. We inspect each material type and determine the best method for cleaning that item
  4. We inspect the garment for any stains and pre-treat them before the cleaning process
  5. We inspect to verify stain removal and re-treat if necessary
  6. We steam, press out any wrinkles and perform any required repairs, package and ship them to the next customer

Our customers and employee’s health is our number one priority. Tower Cleaners is here to support our Rent a Dress customers to the best of their abilities within the regulations set forth by our local and Federal health departments. All garments returned to us are subjected to the industry’s highest level of cleaning and decontamination processes. Dry cleaning and steam injected commercial laundry have been used for decades in dealing with blood-borne pathogens and bacteria. As members of America’s Best Cleaners, Tower Cleaners has committed to following the recommendations from the CDC and OSHA Standards for the handling of all textiles processed to protect our employees, clients and neighbors.

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