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About Rent A Dress


Learn About Rent A Dress

We buy all our dresses brand new directly from the designer or brand. We buy our dresses from Poland, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Canada, etc.

We do not buy our merchandise used, everything is bought brand new, never worn. We do not operate like a consignment store. Rent A Dress strategically picks out high-end designer brands to carry at our store.

Renting is a more sustainable option than constantly buying and discarding merchandise. It’s an easier way to diversify your wardrobe and try new looks without fully committing to them.

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and looks always changing, its hard to keep on top of the trend from a financial standpoint, with the rental industry you don’t have to worry about it and let someone else worry about supplying the latest trendy styles for you.

In a way yes, renting is a more sustainable approach. The fashion industry has a huge weight on the environment, from a manufacturing process, distribution, and the speed at which items get tossed in order to make room for new items. Renting clothing means that these items have many lives. Once you’re worn the dress and been photographed in that piece it’s passed down for someone else to enjoy.

All garments will be professionally cleaned by our eco-friendly dry cleaner “Tower Cleaners”. All garments will be ready to wear when they are sent to you. Please do not attempt to hand wash, machine wash, or dry-clean any of the rentals. We will take care of that for you. For additional information about how our garments are cleaned, please visit our Dry Cleaner page on the footer section of our website.

Insurance policy is an add-on service we offer to those who want to be protected while wearing our rentals, without having to worry about ruining the dress while in their possession. The fee will be $15 per rental. This fee will cover you for any minor damages ex. (Broken zippers, missing buttons, minor rips- (only on the seam of the dress any damages on the fabric itself is not covered under the $15), lost sequins- (this means a few sequins here and there if you lose a whole section of sequins, this is not covered under $15), minor washable stains). If you opt out of getting the insurance you will be responsible to pay back Rent A Dress for any (Broken zippers, missing buttons, minor rips, lost sequins, minor washable stains).

Any damages beyond the minor wear and tear is not covered in this $15 insurance fee and will result in additional alteration fees depending on the damage done to the garment. Rent A dress will automatically charge your credit card the damage fee. If the dress cannot be repaired or the damage is too severe Rent A Dress will charge your credit card for the retail value of the dress for any damage done to the item that was rented to you. This does not include any rental fees already paid.

Any rentals not returned on the last day of your rental date will be charged a $10 per day late fee.

We will charge your credit card every day for 2 days after your rental was supposed to be returned. If the item is still not returned by the 2nd day your late return will become a non-return and Rent A Dress will charge your credit card for the full retail value of the garment.

We all want to look our best and crave variety and change so we keep spending our money on those fast fashion pieces, however we need to be mindful of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment.

The average woman throws away approximately 80 pounds of clothing per year. Renting lessens the volume of clothing waste and a reduction in landfill waste. Research shows that less than 1 percent of clothing is recycled into new yarns and fibres, while 85 percent goes to the landfill. As a result an entire 5 percent of landfills is made up of clothing and textile waste. In 2015 landfills received 10.5 million tons of textile waste.

By renting you are helping slow down fast fashion. All garments have many lives and get passed down to another person to enjoy for the night. All our garments get treated with the best care and get washed by our eco-friendly dry cleaner Tower Cleaners- who uses the best environmentally friendly processes out there to clean our garment’s, so that every customer gets the best experience while wearing the dress. By re-using each garment, we are de-cluttering our closet space, we spend less, save more, feel the lavish lifestyle by wearing high end designer dresses, changing our fashion style depending on our event or mood all while helping the environment. What’s not to love.

My First Order

Of Course! Please keep in mind, once the dress is sold to you, they are considered final sale. No returns, refunds or exchanges.

Unfortunately no! We do need the garment bag returned back to us, as we need to supply other customers. Failure to return the garment bag will result in a $50 fee for each bag.

We have a size chart posted on our website from each of the designers we purchase from. Please follow the chart of each designer as not everyone will have the same fit. If you have additional questions, we are available to take your call during our business hours Mon – Fri 4-9 pm Sat & Sun 9-5 pm.

If you would like to try on a garment before your event, please head to our Book A Fitting page on our website and pick a date and time you wish to either physically come into our showroom or book a fitting virtually via Whatsapp or Zoom video chat.

We do not allow any alterations on any of our rental items.
Of course, if it is an item you love we do give you the option to purchase it and then you can make changes to it as you see fit. We can arrange for you to get your item altered at any of our partnered Tower Cleaners facilities.

We understand that some wear and tear will happen, and we encourage you to purchase the $15 insurance fee which covers you from minor stains, rips, and tears. However, any major damage beyond the normal wear and tear and stains that cannot be washed out are not covered under insurance. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, the fee will be to pay back Rent A Dres for the retail value of the garment.

If you choose to rent for 1 day, please keep in mind we will be shipping you the dress on your event day between our delivery hours. Mon-Fri (12pm–5pm) and Sat-Sun (10am-12pm). If your event happens to run between our delivery times please leave us a time frame you wish to have your dress delivered at the checkout page on our website so we can arrange to have your delivery as a priority. If you do not provide us with specific shipping details, we will deliver within our regular delivery hours.

Please package your rented item neatly inside the garment bag and use the return label we provided for you, to return your rental.

Any product rented from Rent A Dress, needs to be returned on the last day of your rental date. You have until 12 pm to return your item. If you miss the 12 pm cutoff you will be charged a $10 per day late fee.

If you had an item couriered to you please note a pre-scheduled courier will be coming to pick up your rental between 10 am – 12 pm. If you picked up your rental, please drop your rental at our pop-up location at your pre-scheduled time, please note 12 pm is the cutoff for all rentals.

You will be charged at the time you make your reservation and confirm your order at checkout.

Our rental terms are charged per day at a daily rate. You can choose to rent anywhere from 1 day up to 8 days or longer if you will be traveling. If you will be renting for longer than 8 days, you will need to contact Rent A Dress so we can process a custom order.

We will accept a cancellation of a requested booking until 11 am (next day) (ex. If your order is placed Friday night you have until 11 am Saturday to cancel). You will be refunded in the form of your original payment. Our courier deliveries are between (12 pm-5 pm) Mon-Fri and (10 am-12 pm) Sat-Sun. Any cancellation made after 11am (the next day) will not be refunded and your payment becomes a store credit and held on your account until you wish to use it. The store credit does not expire.

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Shipping & Deliveries

Yes, For those living in the Calgary we offer $15.00 for one-way shipping $20.00 for two-way shipping. If you live outside the Calgary area additional fees may apply. We do give you the option to pick up and drop off your rentals at our pop-up location, instead of paying for the one-way or two-way shipping, however, this must be done during business hours and by appointment only. (Mon-Fri) 4 pm – 9 pm or (Sat-Sun) 9 am – 5 pm.

Yes we require a signature on all our deliveries, this lets us know you received the item. If you know you might not be home to sign for the package, you can have it delivered to your work. You will have to update your shipping information before placing the order. In the event you are not able to sign for the package while at the office due to a meeting etc. You are aware that once the courier gets a signature for the package it is under your full responsibility and not the responsibility of the person who signed on your behalf. Please make sure you get someone you trust to sign for the package.

If you live in an apartment please provide us with your phone number and buzz code so the courier can get in contact with you. If we do not receive a note from you saying we can leave the package with a neighbor or a concierge, (this must be provided before placing the order on our website) our courier is required to take the package back to our warehouse, and it will be your responsibility to get in contact with us to either re-ship you the package or to cancel the order. (Additional fees may apply).

Any rentals not returned on the last day of your rental date will be charged a $10 per day late fee on your credit card for a duration of 5 days. If we do not receive the rental by then, we will charge your credit card for the full retail value of the rental.

Unfortunately, we do not. Couriers will not deliver to a PO Box address. However we can always ship to a courier depot nearest to you. (Additional fees may apply).

Our website allows shipping in Calgary, Airdrie, and Okotoks. For shipping across Canada please email us at or call us at 403.401.0074 and we will manually enter your order. Additional courier fees may apply to those living in other provinces. We do not ship internationally.

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